We get many enquiries about people wanting to cycle this route. Here our the most popular questions:

Q: What’s it like getting the early morning ferry from Newhaven to Dieppe?

A: Getting off the boat at 3am is quite hard, and once you have found your way out of Dieppe (which is to the left of the railway station – in the official guide), then it’s generally head down until the first coffee stop in Neufchatel-En-Bray.

Make sure you get cash out of the ATM’s in Dieppe. There is nothing open in Dieppe at this time, so there is not much point sticking around.

Bear in mind, you are cycling from the coast and through a river valley for around 3 hours – it’s damp, dark and cold – so take waterproofs, and layers. We met some cyclists who were quite hypothermic due to insufficient clothing.

Q: Can I cycle this with my family?

A: Yes! I would suggest doing half day rides, where you could probably still cover 25-30 miles a day.

Q: Can I ride this with any bike?

A: Yes! As long as it’s roadworthy, gears and wheels are in good order. Any bike is suitable for this route – there are no proper off road sections, except for a couple of short tracks that you can take a detour around.

Q: Can I get a return ticket on the Dieppe ferry?

A: Yes, that’s what we did. The rail fare from St Lazare is about €30, and ferry is £35 each way for foot passenger with bike. The train is 2 hours back to Dieppe and ferry crossing 3 hrs each way.

Q: Is it worth staying an extra day in Paris?

A: Of course, get involved!

On the ferry heading back home